Aerosol filling  device

 The paint compressor allows you to fill different types of paint into spray bottles, already containing propellant and other supplements.We offer a variety of paint compressor models. Each model has its own benefits, which can answer different kinds of needs. All models can fill a 150 ml spray bottle and 400 ml bottles.
Quality and properties
Stable and reliable device, suitable for filling small quantities
Clear and simple instructions are placed on top the device
Removable piston  that fits the cylinder
Does not require a power supply
Flexible and portable
Simple and easy operation
Suitable for filling spray bottles of 150 ml and of 400 ml

Suitable for filling qualities of the one-component coating and two components Suitable for filling 1K and 2K coating qualities

Suitable for water-based coatings and other types of solvent-based coatings
Allows quick change of color
Excellent value for money

Chemical and physical data
External description: The device is made of stainless steel of the highest quality; a door, controls and an operating monitor, base plate and filling lever.
Internal description: carrying handle, a cylinder which contains the color, portable piston, filling adapter.
Size: 270 * 310 * 770
Capacity: 20 bottles of spray in one hour (not including hue change, depending on the paint viscosity).
Maximum filling viscosity: 100 s / DIN 4 mm
Durability: the device remains durable for a long period of time and has almost no wear.

Environmental details
Our paint compressors do not contain heavy metals. The packaging is made of recyclable materials.
Disposal: the containers should be put into recycling only when they are completely empty.

User manual
Before using the device, carefully read the user instructions ,placed on top of the device .When filling, use protection goggles and keep the device door locked.

Limitation of Liability
The information presented regarding the various paint compressors models is in accordance with the manufacturer’s best knowledge. In any case, the user is required not only to read the instructions for use and act on them, but also to see for himself whether the product meets his needs. The product comes ‘as is’, and we do not guarantee that it will fit a particular purpose of the user.
The use and processing of the product is beyond our control, therefore the user is solely responsible for all when it comes to using the product.
To technical questions, call us.