Convenient and economical solution for your customers! Simple and profitable sales appliance just for you!

There are dozens, maybe even hundreds of companies in your area that can benefit from the use of a convenient and economical color (spray filling machinespray filling system), suited to any tint or any color fan decks that exists on the market today, such as Tambour, Nirlat or RAL color chart. This profitable market, created by these colors, suits perfectly to paint suppliers and manufacturers such as paint workshops, carpentries, welding workshops, etc.

Using our paint compressor, which allows filling and spraying, you can deliver your customers either a single spray bottle or hundreds of bottles – in a clean, fast, and simple manner. You’ll be able to mix and supply the exact color the customer wants, or use the client’s provided colors for filling. If you think about it – not only can you earn from mixing and selling spray paints to your existing customers, but this device offers you a way to reach new customers who are interested not only in paint spray bottles but also in other products and services you can provide. The device is also suitable for factories and professionals using wood and metal paint spray techniques, such as welding workshops, carpentries, paint workshops, sign factories and such, which in many cases are required for field painting. Using a spray paint range by the source, saves you the use of a generator, compressor and a spray gun.

Aerosol – Spray color filling machine

The color compressor is a professional tool, based on either a manual or pneumatic operation. The compressor enables you to fill spray bottles with color, based on an air pressure injection. The device is suitable for almost any type of liquid color such as Polyurethane, Epoxy, Acrylic, Vinyl Siloksiran and more.
Providing a simple operating system, the device allows every user – including those who are not professional – to fill spray bottles with a desired color, on site. With just a bit of color and a few simple actions – the spray bottle will be in your hand, ready to use.
The device is powerful, comfortable, safe to use and easy to clean. There are different types of compressors, adapted to fill different volumes of color, from individual spray bottles to dozens of bottles in one hour.

Aerosol spray filling, spray filling machine, spray filling system

Simple and profitable sales appliance just for you!