Powder coating for aluminum products

Powder coating for aluminum products aerosol can filling system are made by covering an aluminum-made product with dry paint, using an electrostatic process. This unique technology of powder coating allows the user to create detailed patterns and rich shapes, such as wooden-grain pattern, with a smooth texture and almost natural look.
When it comes to coating metal products, the powder coating technique allows the user to decorate aluminum and metal products in various designs and compositions. The result is a product that is both durable as well as versatile, that can be used for almost any purpose. Today, almost 90% of the materials that are powder-coated are steel, aluminum or metal.
The best reason to use powder coatings for aluminum-made products is that the results are the best you can get. Any required alterations or repairs can be later made using an aluminum spray paint (spray can filling machine).

Good candidates for powder coating are aluminum products such as windows (at private homes or commercial buildings), appliances, furniture, elevator doors, decks and rails, and even aluminum parts such as aluminum wheels (if cleaned and cared for properly).

Powder coated aluminum products are very easy and simple to clean, especially comparing to wood, since they don’t require any form of painting or staining.
The process of powder coating of aluminum products results in high quality product that is resistant to harsh environmental conditions such as salt spray, UV exposer or heavy air pollution.

Powder coating process calls for 3 basic stages:
1. Product preparation (preliminary treatment)
2. Powder application
3. Finish

Product preparation:
Before we can actually coat the product, some cleaning is required. Carefully clean the metal or aluminum product and remove any leftover grease or existing coatings. It is also very important to remove any remains of soil, metal oxides, oil, lubricants etc. The cleaning process can be done using a variety of chemical and mechanical methods, depending on the product’s texture and size, the type of the material it’s made of and the purpose of the final product. Powder coating methods may require different preparation methods.

Powder application:
The next stage after the preliminary treatment is the powder application. In this stage, the product is placed in advanced powder coating machines where the powder particles melt and fuses into a single layer. The powder spraying method will determine the product look and design. Designs can be created by selecting from a range of powder colors and coating patterns.
Usually, the powder coating is sprayed on metal objects using an electrostatic gun. This device adds positive electric charged to the powder, then sprayed (with mechanical or compressed air) very close to the object. Meanwhile the object is being heated. When the electrostatic spray reaches to the heated object the powder melts into a uniform layer before it is chilled to make a hard coating. Alternatively, you can heat the metal object first and then spray the powder directly on it. This method creates a uniform finish, and the result is a high-level formatted coating.

The finish process of powder coating requires a specific temperature for a specific period of time, in order to achieve the desired finish and to create the appropriate layer which will give the product the required properties.
The duration of the finish process may vary, according to the manufacturer specifications, and it’s also depends on the type of paint and chosen pattern.

Aerosol can filling system, spray can filling machine

Aerosol can filling system, spray can filling machine